Factory Training Training

Time Day 1 Trainer
10am Introduction to Toyama Nagarajan
10.15am Introduction to TA / TB / TZ Touch Switch Range Nagarajan
10.30am Training on TA / TB / TZ Installation & Wiring (Phase Wiring / Inverter Wiring) Mebusab
11.30am 'Hands on Training' to Trainess guide/monitor by Trainer Mebusab
12.30pm TB App Usage training & 'Hands on Training-App usage' to Trainees Reddy /Mebusab
1pm Lunch  
2pm Handling TA / TB Common Customer/Field service Queries Mebusab
3pm Training on Service Support
- Local Component Repair / Replacement
- Exceptional cases where HO interaction is required
4pm 'Hands on Training' to Trainess guide/monitor by Trainer on Local Component Repair / Replacement Mebusab
Day 2  
10am Introduction to Wizhom Product Range Nagarajan
10.15am Understanding Product Specification
10.30am T-Gate (Gateway) Configuration for Admin (using PC)
- Configuration of Wifi Router to Gateway
- User Creation & Configuration
- Room Creation & Confguration
- Joining & Allocation of Touchart Zigbee Switches
- Joining & Allocation of Zigbee Accessories
- Joining & Allocation of IR Blaster
- IR Blaster Code Learning
12Noon 'Hands on Training' to Trainess guide/monitor by Trainer Naseer
1pm Lunch  
2pm Mobile App Usage training for User
- (User) Editing Room Name
- (User) Editing Load Name
- (User) Create Scene
- (User) Time Scheduling
- Normal Usage (Switch On/Off, Dimming, Curtain Open/Close, Scene Recall etc.)
4pm Q & A from above complete two days training schedule - Interactions by Trainers and Trainee & Conclusion. Nagarajan, Naseer, Mebusab